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Jiji technologies has a tool that looks for expired AD users and computers then deletes them. After reviewing their website and going through demos, I am left with more questions than when I began. One glaring problem it seems to have is that it doesn’t allow the administrator to interactive vs. non-interactive logins. The result would be false positives and unintentional deletions of users that should not actually be deleted because they authenticated through Radius or other popular services.

Active Directory Cleaner

The good part about this product is that it is simple because it is purpose built – meaning it just does one-thing. After reading the name I expected the solution to do a lot more than just inactive account cleanup – unfortunately it doesn’t.

The solution is pretty cheap so for someone who only needs to identify inactive users this may be a solution. If you are looking for something that actually automates maintenance of AD then I would look for a different solution.


Price: $59

US Cyber Disclosure – Company Ownership: India

Note: India is a member of the BRICS aligned countries.

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